Monday, May 18, 2009

What Your Credit Card Company Knows About You

Planet Money's latest podcast deals with credit cards and what they know about us and what they do with that knowledge. They have determined that customers of pool hall in Canada called Sharx are more likely to default on their credit cards and those who buy premium bird seed are most likely to pay always. Pretty interesting stuff, some psychology meets economics stuff. Psych meets Econ is one of my favorite subjects. 

I'm pretty sure no one is going to listen to this, but I'd be stoked if someone did and we could talk about it next time i see you. Planet Money are the guys who have worked with This American Life on their financial shows, so you know this is quality radio.

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Carol Ann said...

I think it's more Sociology than Psychology; but definitely interesting. There's a whole industry for studying statistics about gamblers & gambling. Figuring out who to give free hotel rooms to based on who's more likely to loose way more than that room is worth. It's kind of depressing.

The house/credit card company always wins.