Saturday, April 26, 2008

Logo Evolution

Ever since I started doing my other blog, MostlySkateboarding, I've been trying to get a good logo for the banner. Here is the evolution so far.
This is the first logo I made which worked fine for a while, but I felt like it was just kind of sloppy looking.This is the current logo which looks OK, but this same font was used in the latest Dominion video, so I feel like it isn't very original.

This is my latest idea and likely the one I'll use. I was pretty stoked on my idea of making the O into a deck just by adding the 8 holes. I think the deck idea also leaves a lot of room for change int eh future by adding graphics or old school deck shapes or trucks and wheels.
Same idea as the one above. This was actually designed before the one above.
This is basically a blatant rip off of The Skateboard Mag's logo, so I doubt I'll use it but I still think it looks nice. It's probably the best of the bunch now that I look at them all together.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stuff From My Office #2

My department used to be called Creative Services and we used to take photos, video, and create posters and other creative type stuff. All but the video stuff got outsourced and some of the equipment for those other businesses where sold, but some of the ephemera remains, and I find the old school graphic design stuff pretty interesting. I have no idea what I would make with this stuff, but we have lots of special tape and Pantone paper as well as rub on letters. Whenever this stuff does get cleaned out, I'll be taking it home with me.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

HD is Stupid.

A High Definition picture is nice, but all this extra stuff we are required to get in order to get that nice picture is driving me crazy. I'm not expert on how all this works, but I don't understand how HD comes through a standard cable line but needs a special cable (HDMI) to get the HD from the standard cable to my TV. I built an HD antenna out of coat hangers and wood which used a standard cable hook-up and the picture is beautiful. Each day I get more and more skeptical of industry and all this extra stuff they require us to buy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

This American Life on the Big Screen

Anyone who has known me for even a short amount of time knows I am a huge This American Life fan. I just found out that there will be a live broadcast of a live show on May first. I'll be watching at The MacArthur Center. It seems like it is playing at a lot of other theaters, so find one near you and get stoked.