Saturday, April 26, 2008

Logo Evolution

Ever since I started doing my other blog, MostlySkateboarding, I've been trying to get a good logo for the banner. Here is the evolution so far.
This is the first logo I made which worked fine for a while, but I felt like it was just kind of sloppy looking.This is the current logo which looks OK, but this same font was used in the latest Dominion video, so I feel like it isn't very original.

This is my latest idea and likely the one I'll use. I was pretty stoked on my idea of making the O into a deck just by adding the 8 holes. I think the deck idea also leaves a lot of room for change int eh future by adding graphics or old school deck shapes or trucks and wheels.
Same idea as the one above. This was actually designed before the one above.
This is basically a blatant rip off of The Skateboard Mag's logo, so I doubt I'll use it but I still think it looks nice. It's probably the best of the bunch now that I look at them all together.


Kellette said...

I like the last one best. If you were to do the second to last one, I'd move skateboarding over to the right a little bit so you can see the whole S. My main concern is that you are emphasizing MOSTLY more than skateboarding...when it should be reversed.

b rendan said...

Neat. I agree with Kellie on the emphasis of the wrong word. I like the third one down too. I think the last one is too much of a rip off (maybe, maybe not?)
I really like the skateboard "bolts" and you could certainly incorporate those into the word "skateboarding" (the a, b, o, d or even g).

ps. you are the most undercover graphic designer i know. why so secretive?

A.P. Cronin said...

3rd one down with the correct word emphasis is what I think also.