Thursday, May 1, 2008

Don Hertzfeldt is Cool

Years ago in the magical world of Los Angeles Kellie and I went to the Animation Show and discovered the work of Don Hertzfeldt. He really hates it when people put his stuff online, but at this point I'm sure he's just given up on keeping that from happening which is probably a good thing considering his animation is perfect for the internet and totally awesome. Just search his name in YouTube and you'll come up with some pretty amazing stuff. Favorites include Rejected, Billy's Balloon, and his pieces from The Animation Show One Two Three.


Robert said...

Don't forget to post Don's website, so people who dig these bootlegs can properly find more of his work on DVD (and support him!)

His action is

Kellette said...

i highly recommend you watch on the links here....they will make you laugh out loud....uncontrollably.

b rendan said...

Ah, yeah, Temp, pretty bad of you not to link his site-considering he hates it when people put his stuff on line!