Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sorry for all the furniture posts, but that's what I'm thinking about these days. I've been thinking about the dining room lately and been liking the idea of the Emeco Navy Chair, but not liking their $415 price tag. Target famously made a knock off that sold for $259 a pair. that's still kinda spendy for a knock off. While searching for other knock offs, I found the Oceanic Chair which goes for $99 each but looks a bit off compared to the real Navy Chair. Then while searchign ebay I came across a set of four Remington Rand chairs that look damn close to the real Navy Chair only with upholstery which I kinda wanted anyway. They are of that time period so they've lasted quite a long time and should last a long time still. There are a lot of options with these chairs. you could get a dark wood table which matches the existing vinyl or maybe reupholster them with a bright red and paint a table bright high gloss red. Another great thing is that bar height versions of these chairs are made so we could buy new versions for our bar for a nice cohesive look.

With all this furniture thought I've been tempted to throw up my hands and get whatever. I doubt many people would notice or appreciate totally awesome furniture over less awesome furniture. But then getting existing vintage pieces like these Remington Rand chairs just fits into my value system much better. They already exist so they aren't going to create any more environmental impact other than shipping. They will last just about forever. They hold their value. Try selling your Ikea furniture and see how much you can get for it, that is if it lasts long enough to sell it. With reupholstering they can grow and change with our style. They could even be used outside since they are alumanium and won't rust.

Below is an idea of what the chairs look like with a table. These came from the Emeco website.


Kellette said...

i like the look of them around the table....they might be in our dining room soon!

Anonymous said...

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