Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Camera bag

As Kellie and I where looking at Thrift Stores yesterday I found a nearly brand new Lowe Pro Photo Trekker camera bag. I had been in need of a new camera bag for a while after my Mini Trekker's zipper pull had come off it's zipper for the second time. Both times where when I had loaned my camera to someone else. Anyway. I now have a new camera bag that's a lot bigger than my old one. It's also a lot heavier. Not the perfect bag for my purposes, but I'm stoked anyway. A lot of the dividers where missing, so I pulled the dividers from my old bag and put them in the new one.

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b rendan said...

Dude, that is awesome; If that isn't a sign to keep your camera I don't know what is; you were just talking about getting rid of it yesterday! (*oh and sorry about the zipper-2nd time only I hope?)