Saturday, February 2, 2008


Kellie and I did some art today. I've been making sketches and little drawings on the back of my old business cards. The above image shows what I've got so far. My inspiration is Gaping Void and Stef's Sketches. Click the image for a close up.


Kellette said...

I love your style of drawing...I think favorite is paint can! Hopefully many more art dates in the future!

Carol Ann said...

I like that you're putting use to your old business cards. When I got laid off from my last radio job I grabbed a handful of my business cards on the way out. Not really sure why. I guess maybe to prove that I once had a "Director" after my name? Anyway, they live somewhere in the depths of my garage now.

As for the recycling for art thing---at my first real job after college (Harris Publishing) the printer would spit out cover pages with every single thing you printed, so I kept them all and drew cartoons on the backs of them when I was bored. Which was all the time. So I've got a whole gallery in my stairwell.

b rendan said...

awesome! radness!