Thursday, January 24, 2008

Runnin' With The Devil

For those who don't know, is probably the best website ever! EVER! To prove my point, they linked to this vocals only mp3 of David Lee Roth singing Runnin' With The Devil. I put the YouTube Video up there so you could hear the song with all the rest of the instruments.


Carol Ann said...

Is this meant to make DLR look foolish? Cause all it did for me was incite a Thursday morning sing-a-long in my cubicle. Even without instruments old Diamond Dave sounds good. Have you ever heard the tape of Marc Anthony singing without music? THAT is brutal.

Templeton said...

This post was in no way meant to make DLR look foolish. Quite the contrary really. Obviously the guy rips.

rory said...

This rules! Roth Rules. Read "Crazy from the Heat". The man is a god.