Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rice Bath

On Friday my digital camera went for a little swim in a mud puddle. I figured all was lost but remembered reading in a flickr comment that you could put your water logged electronic device in a container full of rice and that would suck all the moisture out. With nothing to loose I wiped the camera dry then submerged it in a pyrex container full of short grain rice. I left it on the porch all day to heat it up slightly. This morning, I pulled it out, put the battery back in, and hit the button. The green light came one and everything seems to be working. So next time you drop your phone or camera in the water, give it a rice bath and it might come back to life. Some people say you should submerge the device in rubbing alcohol first to get rid of the water, but I didn't read about that until after I had the camera in the rice. You also should not try to turn the device on until it has been dried in the rice.


b rendan said...

freaking amazing! MOSTLY TEMPLETON~~~~~

Kellette said...

YAHOO! Good stuff. And I am stoked about the camera recovery!

edwin said...

wow that IS fantastic!