Monday, October 29, 2007


"This excellent curved wall custom built by TM, Cala, & MP Nov '87 Dec '87"

This is the quote I found when I pulled the drywall off of the back of our shower. I am glad that these people left their mark for me to find almost exactly 20 years later. I think I'll leave a note and maybe a picture when we close the walls in. I also noticed a full pink wall on the inside of the shower enclosure so now we know the pink bathroom was in 1987.
One of these workers also left a level and small screwdriver in the wall which are now going to go in my tool box. When I took out the medicine cabinet I found these cool old razors. The packages are marker at $0.15, so they have to be pretty old. I think today was the last day of demolition so I won't be finding any more cool artifacts from the past.
In other news my worst nightmare came true today and I messed up the toilet and it started to leak. Before too much water ended up on the floor, I managed to figure out how to get the leak to stop and we can even still use the toilet, but tomorrows project will be getting the toilet back in working order. I was hoping to get at least one iece of sheet rock up today but that didn't happen withteh toilet incedent. Hopefully tomorrow...


b rendan said...

This has really turned into the "Bathroom Blog" hasn't it! Haha, just kidding; I admire your workmanship and wish I could attack such a project!

sarah said...

i love this found stuff! awesome dood. cheers to you for saving it. i still have that book for you, but i had to use it for class today. coming soon though!