Friday, July 23, 2010


As long as Kellie and I have been a couple, Sal has been there too. Once we moved in together in California we became a family with both Kellie and I doting on Sal every chance we got. I had never lived with an animal before and loved just sitting around with Sal on my lap purring as I pet him. Occasionally we'd get a good laugh watching Sal slip off the coffee table or struggle sizing up a jump. We giggled as he walked off embarrassed then we'd cheer enthusiastically when he finally made the jump. Sal had a lot of personality as I suspect most animals do once you get to know them. Most mornings he would come rub up on my chair just to say hi then go off to do his own thing.

He had a great calming effect whenever things got intense. When Kellie was sick, upset, or stressed I knew I could count on Sal to comfort her in ways I could not. Sal was a constant topic of conversation in our house as he always did something cute or funny. We always tried to include him in around the house activities, letting him come to the garage with us or opening windows near where we where so he would come.

The house feels empty and quiet without him there. I catch myself thinking like he is still around. I went to pick a feather up off the ground to bring to him then realized he was gone. I still look at his favorite spots and envision him there and want to go pet him. It was such a joy for us to see Sal happy and we went out of our way to make him happy. He returned our love with a ton of love for which we will always be grateful.

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Kellette said...

well put...we definitely were our own little family