Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Mower

We made our first purchase for our new house yesterday. We got a lawn mower. It is an old style reel lawn mower. I found in on Craigslist and scooped it up for $40. According to my research the MSRP is $305. The above picture is the same model, but not our actual new mower. We wanted a reel mower for two reasons. It is quiet. We can mow our lawn whenever we want without having to worry about disturbing our neighbors. It is environmentally clean. lawnmowers are some of the least effeciant machines out there. The human powered reel lawn mower doesn't spew out any nasty exhaust, just sweat.


sarah said...

isn't sweat just as nasty? sike! so stoked for you, this is rad!

Gnarly Neal said...

Temp, please hire a person to mow your lawn. Preferably named Jobe, and teach him the interworkings of virtual reality, and watch his mind grow exponentially. I think, being my friend and all, you can do at least this much for me.

cattina said...

i could never see Allen using Could you imagine how long it would take their company to mow lawns?! Looks cool though!