Thursday, March 5, 2009

Net Booty

If you hang out online long enough someone is going to offer you some free stuff. On a few occasions I have come across posts saying the first XX many people to write in get something. Just recently Street Photographer David Solomon offered up a copy of his new book to the first five to write in and I happened to be one of the lucky five. before that I was one of the first hundred to write in and get a DVD from Element about Don Pendleton. before that I wrote in to DC Films (the short lived DC skate video site) and was one of a few hundred to get a limited edition t-shirt. Mine is number 65/100. I hope one day it will be a serious collector's item worth many thousands of dollars. In the end I'm just saying sometimes it pays to be completely internet obsessed


sarah said...

there is way less booty in this post than i thought. i was hoping it was a homemade vid of you and kelly singing "i like big butts."

Tim Lamb said...

i get a different kind of net booty