Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Camera

Kellie got me this Arrow camera for Christmas and I finally finished off my first roll of film from it. It takes 120 film and shoots squares which usually produces 12 images. This one produces 16 images by only utilizing part of the film. Kinda weird and unexpected. below are the best of the first roll. Hopefull the next batch will be better, but these kinds of cameras are all about the crappyness, light leaks, and little surprises.
Sculpture at the Hirshorn in DC
Inside the Hirshorn.
Orangutans at the DC Zoo.
View from the parking lot at work around 6:50 AM. This was a five second exposure.


Kellette said...

the last one looks like a flooded street

Tim Lamb said...

nice nice!

howard said...

that thing is crazy, it looks just like a diana. why are the shapes of the prints all crazy? is that how they look, or just how they were scanned? i just put a bunch of new holga photos on my blog, check it out!

Templeton said...

It's considered a Diana clone. That's how the images are. It's weird cause they aren't a consistent shape.

sarah said...

nice dood. p.s. thanks for the pudding (kelly shared!). it was bangin!

davidson said...

a little late to this, but just wanted to say that i'm really into these. good to see you still shooting with film.