Saturday, October 11, 2008

My First Pinhole Camera

I took photography twice in high school but never made a pin hole camera. Kellie was teaching pinhole cameras in her photography class, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I don't have a darkroom but I do have a changing bag and all the supplies for developing my own B&W film, so I made a film camera. I had the film going into an old film canister and wound it through a hole int eh box with a screwdriver.
Here you can see my aperture and shutter mechanism. Here is my first good exposure. The first roll was taken over an already used roll, so All I did was ruin some photos from our Seattle trip. Bummer. This second roll only had two good images on it. This is my neighbor's house shot from one of our windows. I got most of my building instructions form this Fecal Face tutorial, and all my exposure info from Kellie. I had stupidly expected my camera to be more of a wide angle, but I measured the focal length to be around 300mm. It was a lot of fun building this, and I hope to try some more pinhole photography in the future. Big thanks to Kellie for the inspiration.


Kellette said...

no prob! it's been fun!

Tim Lamb said...

i wanna see more pictures, and now i want to make one.