Monday, September 15, 2008


Have any of you guys ever gone furniture shopping? I mean like real shopping, not thrift store/craigslist shopping. New furniture is expensive and sucky. Kellie and I are on the hunt for a chair or chaise for under the window in our office. I'd like something like the Barcelona Chair which Kellie says "doesn't even look comfortable." She also shot down the idea of a bench for not being good for chilling which I can agree with, but you can hardly deny how nice the Florence Knoll Bench would look under the window. Too bad it's $1700! Incidently, Knoll also owns the rights to the Barcelona Chair and sells them for $6000. Rediculous! I read an article on Designer George Nelson who said "We are not building antiques of the future anymore,we are just making things to use and throw away." In the chair or chaise or whatever we end up getting I would like it to be a piece that can stand the test of time and will not just be something that we throw away once the appolstery starts to fade. What this means for us and our budget is a long search of second hand stores and estates sales in search of I don't know exactly what but I know it is out there.


cattina said...

have you all ever looked at "Cool and Eclectic" down on Laskin Road headin towards the beach front? They have some pretty cool and contemporary furniture in there. And usually they are reasonably priced as well. Of course, IKEA (one of our favs, is always a good choice too)

Amy said...

good luck. Chris and I are having our version of the gender wars over our house too. You'd think with the empty rooms we have that It would be easy.

sarah said...

stay strong dood! it's not exactly the same, but my clothes sat in the floor for a couple weeks after i moved because i was holding out on getting a real wood dresser. finally found one in the antique section at thrift store city. sometimes i just want to take a class on woodworking so i could make what i'm envisioning, but tools and all that junk cost a milli a milli a milli milli!