Thursday, August 21, 2008

Visions of China

I haven't been watching much of the Olympics. For the most part I just don't find it very interesting. The other day I stumbled upon the Visions of China blog by the NewsWeek photographers covering the games. For someone like me who could care less about the games I think photography really captures the feeling much better than TV does. Plus I've seen more events through this blog than I have through TV which seems to only show swimming when I tune in. For a gear head/photographer like me it is also interesting to see the gear and read how they set up their cameras and remote cameras to get the best shots. Director of Photography, Simon Barnett does a great job of giving insight into what makes a great sports photo in the Photo of the Day section. Take some time and scroll through the archives for some amazing images. If your interested in the gear, check the first post to see what these guys are packing (200lbs. of gear).

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Kellette said...

very cool...a lot are mediocre, but when you get to the fabulous ones, it's worth it! (But if I saw the mediocre ones alone, I'd probably be stoked on them!!)