Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Parade of Sails

My cousin Ben is in town for Harbor Fest and invited me to come out for the Parade of Sails. He is the Chief Mate of the Spirit of South Carolina. Here he checks the weather. It was hot at the dock, but quite pleasant out on the water.
Not only is Ben part of the crew, but he helped build the boat. He made the desk, book shelves, and navigation terminal which you see here. He made lots of other parts of the boat as well.
This is where the crew eats and where some of them sleep.
The cops are talking to the guy in the boat on the right. We almost ran him over twice. He was drunk and from New York.
This picture doesn't really do justice to all the boats that where on the water that day. Being in the parade with all these boats I could imagine going into battle with a bunch of ships could make you feel pretty confident.
Captain Tony Arrow of the Spirit of South Carolina fires a cannon as a solute or just to make lots of noise, I'm not sure which one.

Below are a few of the ships that sailed along with us in the Parade of Sails.


b rendan said...

Whoa. Dude. New camera, awesome. I can see the difference!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. The ship looks great!
- Cousin Laura

Anonymous said...

WE are envious!!! We wish that we had gone sailing with you and Ben. Love, Mama and Daddy.

sarah said...

Looks like a ton of fun. This only cements my dream of living in a houseboat one day! Houseboats look just like that on the inside, right?