Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Week of Work

I started my new job at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital this week. I am working in Audio/Visual Resources. Most of the job is loaning out computers and LCD projectors for presentations and trouble shooting any problems that may arise. We are also responsible for the four Sentara TV channels which run instructional videos all day about the hospital. The exciting part of the job will be the videography. We film and edit surgeries as well as events around the hospital. We will be filming an up coming fire drill involving the fire department. As I typed all this it doesn't sound too exciting, but it sure beats my last job.

Another cool thing about my job is that we have lots of cool equipment. We just got a new MacBook Pro and a Wacom tablet along with Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Studio Pro. We have a Canon 40D plus lots of lights and cameras.

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CJ said...

Sounds awesome man, congrats!